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Superbowl Houston 2017

Feb. 5th, 2017

Houston Will Host the 2017 Super Bowl/h2>

Salt N Pepper Group concepts will be hosting Houston’s biggest & best events, festival, parties, contests, and giveaways during the entire week leading up to The Big Game Sunday.

Houston has gained the opportunity to be the host of the most awaited 2017 Super Bowl. The city competed with South Florida and Houston won the honor over it. The Beer Market Company will be the best place to visit for watching the upcoming Super Bowl.

The owners of the different NFL clubs met one another in Boston for a NFL meeting during the spring season wherein the headquarters for the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowl will be discussed and decided. The 1st game, which will be the celebration for Super Bowl's golden anniversary has been sent to San Francisco. The city defeated South Florida in the competition and the winner has been determined by determining how Houston was the righteous one to have the privilege to host the incoming Super Bowl. Reliant Stadium received the Super Bowl XXXVIII between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots in 2004, the celebration took 2017.

No other event in the sports industry will come close to Super Bowl as far as publicity, pleasure and respect was concerned. Being a one-day informal federal celebration, people all over the United States stay in the comfort of their homes with their loved ones and friends as they come as one and witness the game which is said to be a life-changing event. Miami also applied to be the host of the game event by their application appeared less suitable for the event right from the very start, and it was also decided that the government will not be giving any financial assistance to the Sun Life Stadium which is home to Miami Dolphins. Houston appears to have that legitimate opportunity for the very first time to play and fight while being at home. Aside from that, the message to owners was very clear: when the stadium does not undergo improvement, the city would not be receiving the big game.

This year game will also be extremely fun and fascinating and watching it at the famous midtown bar will be much more enjoyable and entertaining. Great fans and people from various parts of the world come together so as to watch the whole game in the bar will surely bring much more interaction as well as talks regarding this interesting game. Therefore, you should not miss this. It is the new season and a New Year game that you cannot afford to miss the talks of the crowd and the entertainment kind only this game can bring.

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